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Here's a selection of the beers we're currently offering...
  • 3 Brewers (St. Albans) – Golden English Ale – 3.8%
    “Some might say silence is golden, but it’s worth breaking that rule to let you know our golden ale is brewed using Cascade hops which give a subtle citrus flavour, coupled with Cara malt to give a light golden colour and a hint of sweetness. We’re certain you’ll agree that we have created an exceptionally refreshing beer. So raise your glasses. The future is indeed golden.”


  • 3 Brewers (St Albans) – IPA – 4.6%
    “Golden colour with an orange tint, brewed with five hops from the UK and USA and fermented longer to give a clean and dry finish.”


  • 3 Brewers (St Albans) – Classic English Ale – 4.0%
    “We could tell you that our new ale has a deep amber colour, a light hoppy aroma and a rich and rounded malty taste balanced by subtle hoppiness, to give a supremely clean, smooth and refreshing ale. But there’s no need really. Suffice to say that we think we’ve created a modern classic here and we’re pretty confident that you’ll agree.”


  • Watling St (Radlett) – Golden Ale – 3.8%


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Herts, UK