Welcome to Crafty's

Crafty’s is a small, privately funded purveyor of real ale and craft beer. We’re targeting the beer connoisseur, and the beer enthusiast – a mix of knowledge and intrigue with a common ground of devotion and passion for fine beers and a matching desire to learn more.

We‘re looking to encourage the masses to try new flavours and styles and aim to have a beer to suit all tastes. We strive to showcase the best of British and will be offering for sale a selection of bottled beers as well as an ever changing selection of Craft Beers and Real Ales - straight from the cask.

for the love of beer

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Crafty's.

We're soon to be opening our first beer shop in Letchworth, Hertfordshire and will be offering a warm, friendly atmosphere to share a pint with family and friends. We'll be here, ready to take care of our customers and look forward to serving up an exquisite selection of some of the finest beer we can lay our hands on.

You'll find a good selection of ales and lagers from the four corners of the globe. Our friendly staff will help you find that ideal taste. Let us awaken your Crafty side!